Mokumedori - Mokumedori

- Track list -

01 - tomoshibi 

02 - dans les bois 

03 - nursery 

04 - dialogue 

05 - petit piano 

06 - sign 

07 - ecole 

08  -gate 

09 - petit 

10 - shinonome 

11 - dialogue (Yawning "trialogue" remix)

Media : CD / Digital

Release date : 20 February 2017


- About the Album -


Mokumedori's first self-titled album contains a sense of nostalgia and melancholy that exist latently within the fragments of one’s memory. She creates a “picture story book in motion” using acoustic and toy instruments. 


Uniquely blending influences including avant-pop, toy music, and contemporary classical music, Mokumedori’s soundscape is a soundtrack for a picture story book in motion. The world she constructs with her handcrafted masks and props illustrates little Mimi playing toy instruments while a menacing Mokumedori lingers in her mind. This creates a cute atmosphere with a glimpse of darkness, giving an air of surreality and nostalgia when blended with her music. Listeners will travel through an epic tale, starting with the first track “tomoshibi” that summons a child’s fantasy, followed by “dans les bois”, where they are led into a fairy tale forest, then proceed to continue deeper up to “shinonome”, the final track. 


Influenced by the synergy of the visuals, music, and sound effects in Czech animations and French films, Mokumedori’s theatrics resemble the works of Roman Kachanov, Jan Švankmajer, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. This trait is present throughout the album. The sounds of the toy piano, melodica, harmonium, glockenspiel, etc. scattered throughout thealbum represent a children’s ensemble, and are carefully layered to create an epic picture story book in motion. 


- bio -


In addition to composing music using toy instruments and household items, Mokumedori (木目鳥) is an artist that handcrafts her own props and masks, manifesting a unique “picture story book in motion”. Performs regularly at live music clubs and art galleries. 


BLUEHOUR - アムステルダムの風車のように回る

- track list -

01 - アムステルダムの風車のように回る (acoustic)

02 - アムステルダムの風車のように回る


single release from Bluehour's outtakes originally recorded for the album "The Winter". 

available at Bandcamp for "name your price". 


Media : Digital

Release date : 20 October 2016



BLUEHOUR - The Winter

- track list -

01 - 24 

02 - Broken

03 - アイ アム ゼロ (I Am Zero)

04 - 惚れ薬 (Horegusuri)

05 - Slowdown

06 - 言葉は武器 (Kotoba ha Buki)

07 - 盾と矛 (Tate to Hoko)

08 - 太陽の子 (Taiyo no Ko)

09 - The Winter

Media : CD / Digital

Release date : 04 November 2015


- bio -

A singer-songwriter based in Tokyo. 
After singing in a few bands, he started his solo career under the moniker BLUEHOUR. He's gradually creating a base of serious fans captivated by his impressive falsetto voice and poignant songs. Besides performing solo, he occasionally collaborates with other musicians, including guitarists and violinists.


Gargle & Bosques de mi Mente - Absence

- Track list -

01 - Bell

02 - Snow Storm

03 - (The Triumph Of The) Flight Of The Last Bird On Earth

04 - A Sudden Lapse Of Joy

05 - The Moment Our Glances Almost Met

06 - Echoes Of Our Memories

07 - Life And Death Of A Spoken Word

08 - We Are Running Out Of Time

09 - When Light And Motion Collide

Media : CD

Release date : 03 September 2014


Lisenced from Fluttery Records. 

Pressed CD in a jewel case with 8 page booklet + sticker (limited).