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日系フランス人アーティストTakuma Leo SHINDOによるソロプロジェクト。ライブにおいてはtAk & Demont名義でAdrien Demontによるライブドローイングと共にtAkはエレキギターとエフェクターを駆使した演奏を一人で行う。






A solo project by Japanese-French artist Takuma Leo SHINDO. In his live performances, tAk plays electric guitar alone with effect pedals accompanied by live drawings by Adrien Demont under the name tAk & Demont.Takuma started playing music in different noise/punk/hardcore bands in the late 90s. He started his solo project tAk in 2009 and performing mainly in France and Japan. 

Although he grew up in France, he has always been immersed in Japanese culture. His connection with the Japanese underground scene began when he organized concerts in France for several Japanese bands. When he came to Japan, those bands organized concerts for him, and so on, expanding the exchange between the two countries. He has performed not only in live music venues but also in art galleries, film schools, and shrines. 


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tAk & Demont

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tAkと絵本作家Adrien Demontによる音楽とライブドローイングによるデュオ。



2019年には音楽家×裁縫師による音と布のサーカス『仕立て屋のサーカス』のフランスでの4公演でオープニング務める機会に恵まれる。この経験は彼らの表現を推進することとなり、tAkの音楽とそれに合わせて一枚の用紙の上で次々と変貌していくDemontのドローイングのパフォーマンスは25分に及ぶ楽曲を生み出した。そしてその楽曲 “A la toute fin du monde “は今作” Frôler le sol ”に収録されるに至った。



A duo of music and live drawing by tAk and picture book artist Adrien Demont. Since their first concert on their own in 2011, they have gradually appeared at various festivals and events organized by arts organizations, and in addition to France, they have toured Japan twice and given concerts in Germany and Slovenia. Their performances are like witnessing the creation of a series of stories that come and go, and are influenced by the Japanese aesthetic concept of "monoaware”. 

In 2019, they had the opportunity to open for four performances in France of "The Tailor's Circus," a sound and fabric circus of music, light, shadow, and clothes. This experience propelled them to create a 25-minute piece, a performance of music by tAk and drawings by Demont that transformed on a sheet of paper. The piece "A la toute fin du monde" ended up being included in this album "Frôler le sol".


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