madrone avenue - One Story (single)

- tracklisting -

01 - One Story


Media : Digital

Release Date : 14 August 2020


- About the Single -


『Before Sunrise』に続くシングルリリース。新たな物語の始まりを表したようなみずみずしい歌詞は、バンドの特色である美しいメロディとコーラスワークに包まれ、岸の優しく語りかけるようなボーカルによって繊細な中にも生命を肯定するかのような力強さと暖かさにあふれる楽曲に仕上げられた。


madrone avenue’s new single release following the former song “Before Sunrise”. The vibrant lyrics, as if a new story had started, enfolds the band’s character having a beautiful melody with the exquisite chorus work. With the vocalist Kishi’s voice addressing softly, the song has been completed with a sense of strength and warmth that may affirm life within sensitivity.