yk (Hello1103)

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電子音楽ユニットHello1103のVJ・映像作家。潜在意識を具現化したかのような抽象・ミニマルな映像表現を用いてmouse on the keys、Aureole、SuiseiNoboAzなど数多くのアーティストのVJを務める。



VJ and video artist of electronic music unit Hello1103. Her abstract and minimal visual expressions that materialize images of the subconscious led to her participation as VJ for various artists such as mouse on the keys, Aureole, and SuiseiNoboAz.

yk has been performing solo using an analog synthesizer since 2020 and her aesthetic consciousness can also be witnessed in her musical expressions. As one can witness in her video work, her musical style incorporates an abstract improvisational style with a focus on ambient and noise music.




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