madrone avenue - Tide

01 - Rephrasing

02 - One Story

03 - Final Landing

04 - In a Silent Dream

05 - Air Still

06 - Grey

07 - Tide

08 - Before Sunrise

Media : CD / Digital

Release Date : 13 October 2023 (CD / Digital)


- About the Album -


5人組ギターレスバンドmadrone avenue初のフルレングスアルバム。既にシングルとして配信リリースされている名曲「Before Sunrise」「One Story」を含む全8曲で構成されている。




The guitar less band, madrone avenue, will be releasing their very 1st full length album.  It is consisted with 8 songs, including the 2 songs already released as single, “Before Sunrise” and “One Story”.  The authentic songs’ stem being the melody with the piano accompaniment spreads out with wide variety by having electronic elements which shows another side, a bedroom pop taste, and it adds up creating a flavorful album. The pure sound of Kishi and Degawa’s vocal, and their trademark of building the beautiful chorus work gives the multicolored songs an even more glister.  

In addition, while the lyrics of of the songs on the previous album  were all in English, this album adds Japanese songs which shows a new aspect to their work. 

This album  packs a fine quality pop music that portrays a  bittersweet, yet comfortable feeling, just like being fanned by a soft breeze.