moleslope - SLOPE

- tracklisting -

01 - Changing

02 - Slow Snow

03 - Shelterless

04 - Killer

05 - Leap Second

06 - North Wind

07 - Little Night Trip


Media : CD / Digital

Release Date : 13 December 2019


- About the Album -




madrone avenue, Oversleep Excuse, Transkam, KURUUCREW, Mad Tapes Erase Group 等でも活動 している経験豊富なメンバーが集結して結成されたmoleslope。マッチング・モールの mole とイギリス・カンタベリーの美しい丘を連想させる slope から名付けられたという バンド名、そしてそこから用いられた今作のタイトル” SLOPE”。ブラスやバイオリンも交えた豊潤な楽曲は、時系列の丘を駆け下りながら、様々な時代の空気を吸収していったようなサウンドに仕上がっている。カンタベリー、クラウトロックへの憧憬を滲ませつつも、現代ジャズからステレオラブやマウスオンザキーズ等のポストロックまで、幅広いリスナーへ響く作品となっている。


First full-length release by Japanese instrumental band moleslope. The band uniquely blends elements of Canterbury rock, post-rock, and jazz, creating a multifaceted crossover sound. 


moleslope is a twin keyboard driven instrumental band that consists of an eclectic ensemble of 7 experienced musicians. Their multifaceted soundscape uniquely blends elements of post-rock, Canterbury rock, jazz, and minimal music.

The band’s name was created combining the words “mole” from Matching Mole and “slope” from the beautiful slopes of Canterbury, England. Their first full-length release was titled “SLOPE” which was taken from the band name. The album features a soundscape that journeys down a slope of swiftly transitioning chronological sequences that were formed absorbing scattered essences of various ages in music and is a collection of tracks that is sure to appeal to fans of Canterbury rock, crossover jazz, Krautrock, as well as post-rock bands including Stereolab and mouse on the keys.